How to use the Adult Diaper

  • Position the user on their side facing the helper. Open the diaper and lay it flat behind the user ensuring the end with tapes is at waist level.
  • Roll the user onto the diaper and pull the bottom end of the diaper through the legs onto the lower stomach
  • Pull over the side panels to close the diaper and secure the bottom, then upper tapes.
  • To open and re-fasten tapes peel off white top tape, leaving the blue bottom tape affixed to the diaper front. Re-fasten by sticking the white tape back onto the blue tape. Do not stick white tape directly on the diaper surface.

Note: Active users can also wear the diaper in a sitting or standing position

Why NO frontal tapes

A frontal tape is used to fix the refastening tapes in its position multiple times. Normally a frontal tape is used on a baby diaper because the mother or the caretaker of the baby checks the baby very often for urination and such frequent checks are not done in an adult diaper. Instead, we have the wetness indicator to check the time of changing the diaper. So we DO NOT need the frontal tape for an adult diaper.
Also, when surveyed with the patients using adult diapers it was found that if we have the frontal tapes on a diaper, we will have a plastic look and feel for the user of the diaper which causes irritation and discomfort to the patient. In all the developed nations like USA, Europe the market has already moved from the frontal tapes and use refastening tapes. Therefore, we have avoided the frontal tapes in all our adult diapers.